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I'm ALVARI but you can call me Alex. I like photography, graphic arts, painting but mostly I like to draw. I'm inspired by the mind, the heart, the motion but also a simple blank page will do the trick... if you enjoy, feel free to say so and reblog.
5arra: Hi! We met you just over a week ago when you saw us talking about the architecture on your street and you were kind enough to let us into your home and studio. Your artwork is amazing, can we support you on Facebook? I have only managed to find your Tumblr

Hi, it was my pleasure to have you all in my studio. I hope you had a good time on the rest of your trip!

To find me on Facebook, I’ve been told it’s not that simple… I guess FB is trying to make me pay for my visibility. Have you tried ALVARI in all-caps? other wise this link should do the trick:¬†https://www.facebook.com/officialvari?ref=bookmarks

Thanks for your interest in my work. Don’t hesitate should you have any other questions. have a nice day, ALVARI